In the age of 24/7 international media coverage via a multitude of channels, corporations, community groups, and government need to know how to engage with the media in all its forms.

If you lose control of the agenda early there is no getting it back as the ‘vacuum’ will be filled by other ‘expert’ voices.

A media relations program includes:

  • Identifying target media
  • Preparing background briefings and media releases
  • Organising strategic content placement
  • Arranging interviews
  • Developing relationships with ‘influencers’ across the channel spectrum.

Organisations should have a strict media policy that determines which of their representatives are empowered to engage with the media, a media handling guide for non-frontline employees, and a clear outline of the process that should be followed.

RMKA’s experience across traditional, digital, and social media platforms position us as your ideal media relations partner.