No reputable organisation operates in today’s environment without the protection of insurance. Similarly, it would be foolhardy to operate without the protection of an issues and crisis management plan to understand your organisation’s risk profile, track relevant issues, and ensure you can protect your reputation if the need arises.

RMKA are experts at developing issues and crisis management plans. We develop plans that are easy-to-use, allow you to take control of any adverse situation, and implement your communication and business recovery processes. Our plans are designed to minimise impact on your business, your customers, your employees, and your stakeholders.

Keys to effective issues management and crisis control are:

  • Risk identification, analysis, and mitigation planning
  • An issues management plan (including issues tracking)
  • Crisis management protocols, processes, actions, and training.

RMKA is your ideal partner to test how robust your plans (and people) are by pressure testing them with simulation exercises (including the dreaded social media tsunami).

With more than 30-years’ experience in this area, RMKA has conducted issues and crisis planning and management across corporate restructuring, food contamination, extortion, industrial disputes, plant explosions, mine collapses, environmental contamination, product failures, loss of human life, and natural disasters. We operate a 24/7 readiness system for all clients on a long-term basis.