RMKA has an in-depth understanding of the government policy formulation and implementation processes. This is why we work extensively with governments, companies, and community organisations in developing and delivering strategic outcomes.

We understand the context in which decisions are taken in government and advise clients on the most effective course of action to present their case and how to effectively engage with key decision makers.

Simply asking for an issue to be addressed without adequately engaging in the process is, essentially, a waste of time.

The five primary elements of understanding how government works are:

  • Understanding the policy development process
  • Understanding the roles of the private office and the bureaucracy
  • Understanding government processes
  • Understanding the political environment and the needs of stakeholders
  • Determining the most effective forms of communication to engage with your target audience.

Our knowledge of these processes see us working with all levels of government across the political spectrum to deliver effective stakeholder and community results.