Media Training – is your organisation ready for the “Gotcha” moment?

At some point in the management of a crisis there is likely to be the need for a senior executive to front the media and answer questions or to participate in an interview.

No matter how confident of facts and figures, or how good a presenter the chosen executive is, some core media training will ensure a better outcome and quite possibly avoid the infamous “gotcha” moment when the person being interviewed is left with no viable answer.

The biggest mistake is to think that the interview is an opportunity to answer questions. It is not. An interview is an opportunity to get the agreed corporate message across

Effective media training will prepare executives for the key task of getting that message across, no matter the insistence of the inquisitor, and it will provide the tools to help avoid the “gotcha” moment.

ICG has delivered comprehensive media training for decades. We can prepare your management and spokespeople for the task of presenting your case.  Comprehensive media training includes live, filmed interviews based on real word scenarios and utilising in-depth knowledge of the risks faced by your business.

Is your organisation prepared?

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