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Silent but deadly – A commentary on the USA and COVID-19

By John Kananghinis The unfolding catastrophe that is the USA response, or lack of, to the COVID-19 pandemic is both painful to watch and a clear indication that the world’s strongest and richest nation will not be brought to its knees by external forces but by its own inability to provide good government. In one […]

The rise of the echo chamber

By Alexander Corne Social media and mobile devices provide unfettered access to a previously unfathomable array of views and information. Where our parents’ generation may have listened to one radio station and watched one of three or four TV channels, and typically had one newspaper delivered daily, our generation and that of our children’s is […]

Keeping an eye on fatal ‘optics’

By John Kananghinis The demise of Christine Holgate at Australia Post should be a salutary lesson to all senior executives about the impact of ‘optics’ and understanding context. Much has been written by business commentators about how hard done by she was and how the PM should not have hung her out to dry. I’m […]