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Social Media Pushing For Crisis Management Change

Within one minute of a Boeing 777 crash-landing at San Francisco International Airport in 2013, it was on Twitter with a photo from an eye-witness observer. Within 30 minutes the number had risen to more than 44,000 tweets with photos and videos taken by survivors. The wave of social media coverage illustrated three phenomena which […]

Matching Vision with Action

The key task of leaders is to explain what the future should look like and to build consensus around this shared vision. This means setting setting objectives to achieve the goal; in other words, developing a great plan to deliver the goal. Nelson Mandela summed it up as: “Vision without action is merely a dream. […]

Sorry – the Contrite Contrition

The mistakes that drive cynicism and undermine redemption Saying ‘sorry’ for an incident, or issue does not ‘cut-it’ any more with affected stakeholders, or the media. Insincere apologies can make the situation even worse. Unfortunately, CEOs have fallen into contrite contrition in just using the words, but not fully recognising the importance of the sincerity […]

The digital transformation of stakeholder engagement

Communication is transitioning to a ‘new era’ in service delivery efficiency and effectiveness. It is a ‘customer-centric’ service delivery; i.e. ‘providing the best possible customer experience (satisfaction) utilising the most efficient delivery model’. This means not only new technologies, but also a new approach to personal communication. Modern Innovative government is committed to addressing this […]