Entries by Alex Messina

Nightmare in Dreamworld

The deep Dreamworld tragedy is now the nightmare that may not be forgotten or forgiven. Equally, the reputation wreckage left in the roiling wake of that Thunder River Rapids ride was avoidable. What was needed amidst chaos were clear, and above all, human and humane thinking. Not easy, no. But necessary and totally expected from highly paid […]

Who Is Connected To My Car?

Imagine. The driverless and connected car. The Jetsons meets Blade Runner, with wheels– for now! The benefits are mind-boggling – but so too are the challenges affecting safety, privacy, regulation, law enforcement, and more. Yet, to the general community, car makers don’t appear as alert and active as they could be in confronting these issues. […]

Push them out … or work it out?

As a community and society, our civility is always tested if someone offends our norms of behaviour and presents a threat. It should go without saying that the tools of good consultation are capable of actually alleviating any threat, changing offending behaviour and retaining our civility, all while achieving mutual gains. Oddly, more often than […]