Stakeholder Matrix

A tool to keep multiple stakeholders and projects on track

At no time in the history of humankind have we had so much access to information. It is a brilliant phenomenon that in many regards is contributing to breaking the shackles of the status quo.

A direct consequence of this exponential increase to data has been a directly proportional and commensurate increase in community expectations to information provision and transparency.

Ironically, in the face of the splintering, multiplying and diversifying array of data/media sources, it has also never been easier for the community to tune out/switch off to material that is not presented in the manner, or via the channel they want. To borrow a phrase in public relations, ‘there’s no guarantee they’re going to pick up what you put down.’

It’s in the face of this complexity that stakeholder and community engagement has reached unprecedented levels; nor have the ramifications of getting it ‘wrong’ ever been higher.

Two great and recent examples of these trends are the respective votes for Britain to leave the EU (Brexit) and the election of Donald Trump.

Traditional media and those ‘in the know’ stated with great certainty that neither event could, or would, ever happen.

For many of them the post-apocalyptic analysis and rationalisation of events is still underway.

The reason I highlight these examples, is that both Brexit and Trump demonstrate the importance of ‘listening’ to your audience to underpin how you then ‘engage’ with them.

The patriarchal approach of ‘we know best, and you will listen to us’ is well and truly dead (thank God!). In fact, any entity that adopts that approach will severely damage its reputation in a very short period of time.

This is why we at RMK+ Associates, in partnership with the software team at Web Force 5, have combined our respective skillsets in stakeholder engagement and technology to develop the Stakeholder Matrix system. The philosophy that underpins this creation is to translate the inherently complex into distilled simplicity.

We have centered everything around People, Projects, and Issues with the aim of ensuring that all your people, can access all the information they need, in all the places they go, at all the times it is needed.

In this respect (not to mention its affordability) Stakeholder Matrix is unique and without peer.

We know that if systems are ‘clunky’ and difficult to use, they simply won’t be used. Stakeholder Matrix has been specifically designed and built for its purpose, and aims to have information available within ‘4-clicks.’

Applications range from issues and crisis management to face-to-face engagement, to surveys and market research and a lot, lot more.

You can even design, build, and publish dedicated websites for your projects with it.

In today’s high-expectation environment everyone needs the support of quick-an- easy to use technology in all their pursuits – especially when your organisation’s reputation is riding on it.

To arrange a pre-launch demonstration of Stakeholder Matrix please contact the RMK+A office on 03 9036 6390.



Liberating the effectiveness of public relations….

At no other time in its modern history has public relations lived up to the true meaning of the term.

The ‘public’s voice’ is now heard in every part of political and business activity. And ‘relations’ has become the mantra for all political (government) and corporate initiatives with stakeholders.

‘Stakeholder engagement’, ‘community relations’, ‘social licence to operate’, ‘community’s trust and confidence’ are all derivatives of the practice of public relations.

We are now living in a period where the public’s voice is dictating political policy at an unprecedented rate. This has been reflected in the US election of Donald Trump as President elect, the resignation of the Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, the potential overthrow of the South Korean President Park Geun-hye and the UK’s decision to exit the European Common Market.

What is giving public relations an even greater role with the news media and the community is mobile communication technologies. These are challenging not only public relations practitioners to expand their thinking and practice, but also governments and corporations in how they engage with stakeholders and also respond to crises and emergencies.

As Massey University lecturer Chris Galloway has highlighted: “Liberating electronic communication from fixed devices means that familiar PR approaches designed to reach audiences through such equipment are insufficient in themselves. They need to be complemented by new strategies, including those based on conceptualising cyber-PR as dynamic communicative ‘touch’.”

 We are now in an era where today’s communities need a ‘continuous personalised dialog’[1]. The sooner community thinking is understood through qualitative and quantitative research, the more effective will be public relations strategies which utilise electronic communication to promote government and corporate policies and initiatives.

This wider thinking about ‘relating’ to the public – one that recognises the mobile communicators, or ‘global knowledge nomads’[2] – must be part of every public relations strategy today because ‘consuming content and managing relationships’ is now ‘the dictator’ of government and corporate messaging.

This new era of public relations calls for innovative strategic communication thinking and the greater use of technology in managing messages, delivering timely information and understanding the stakeholder (publics).

RMK+Associates is at the forefront of this change.

Its specifically designed software – Stakeholder Matrix – for centralising communication for accurate and timely information and stakeholder engagement, and its strong history in understanding the latest shifts in public relations strategies makes it ideally placed to assist governments, corporations and the not-for-profit sector understand the true value and effectiveness of public relations today.


[1] Lindgren,Jedbratt & Svensson, 2002

[2] Lindgren et al 2002